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LORQ:TECH #47: ~Tether and Throws Flow~

10 Apr

This is the best 2 poi I’ve caught on film so far.
Music: “Oakland Rope” by Claude VonStroke ft. Fox & Py

In addition to lots of gunsling wrist-wraps, continuous arm rolls, throws,
and all that stuff combined, you get:

0:00- Tether manip on top petal of 2-Petal Vertical Prospin (Underhand)
0:23- Tether manip on top petal of 2-Petal Vertical Prospin (Overhand)
0:46- Gunsling wrist-wraps to Together-time Same-direction 1-Petal Inspin (Petal pointing left)
1:06- Gunsling wrist-wrap vs. continuous contact roll
2:55- 4-Petal Diamond Antispin throw (over top, extension at bottom) vs. 2-Petal Horizontal Prospin.
3:01- 4-Petal Diamond Antispin vs. no-beat toss
4:48- gunsling wrist-wrap (2 versions) vs. 2-beat reels (underneath shoulder and above shoulder).

Did I mention Slow-Motion!



LORQ:TECH #46: ~Gunsling Wrist-Wraps~

25 Mar

2 Poi Dopeness. Illusional tether manipulations that pinch like a gunslinger, then do an extra wrap (twist) around the wrist before changing sides of the arm and unwrapping. It took a while to get them clean, but they look really good when done well.