144 Shape Matrix- Even-Petaled Flowers (Rework)

16 Jul

8.5x 11 135 Shape Matrix-01

This is a rework of a shape matrix of even-petaled flowers that shows the driving style of the left hand (columns) paired with a driving style of the right hand (rows).

We get Basic Shapes- Both hands performing the same driving style with the prop.

Hybrid Shapes- Each hand is performing a different driving style.

Monorythmic- Props are doing the same number of rotations (moving at the same speed).

Polyrhythmic props- Props are doing a different number of rotations (moving at a different speed).

Link to most of these driving styles shown piece-by-piece:


12 Even-Petaled Driving Styles (in wall plane):

1:1 Driving Styles:

Zero-petal Prospin: Extension and Isolation

2-petal Antispin: 2-petal Vertical Antispin and 2-petal Horizontal Antispin (also makes a “cateye” with a smaller hand path).

1:3 Driving Styles:

2-petal Prospin: 2-petal Horizontal Prospin and 2-petal Vertical Prospin

4-petal Antispin: 4-petal Diamond Antispin and 4-petal Box Antispin

1:5 Driving Styles:

4-petal Prospin: 4-petal Box Prospin and 4-petal Diamond Prospin

6-petal Antispin: 6-petal Vertical Antispin and 6-petal Horizontal Antispin


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